Trauma Day 2021 - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
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October 16, 2021
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November 11, 2021
In the first nine months of 2021 our Critical Care Teams were called out to 864 incidents of trauma. Most of which would've been taken to the Trauma Centre at Southmead Hospital. Ahead of Trauma Day 2021 we caught up with Critical Care Doctor, Greg Cranston to find out exactly what trauma is and the importance of Major Trauma Centres, such as the one at Southmead.

When we refer to trauma, we are meaning physical injury caused by an external force. Where these injuries give rise to the potential for causing persistent disability or death, we term this major trauma.

The aim of the UK Major Trauma Networks is to reduce death and disability from major trauma. Early interventions and timely arrival at specialist regional Major Trauma Centres have been shown to achieve this.

The Great Western Air Ambulance Charity is a major component in the pre-hospital part of the network. Our ability to arrive on scene early after the trauma has occurred means that we can make certain interventions with maximum benefit, and before it is too late. We support ambulance crews with treatments they undertake infrequently, as well as bringing additional higher-risk interventions that would otherwise need to wait until after arrival at a hospital, routinely including blood, anaesthesia and surgical procedures.

Travelling the extra distance directly to the Major Trauma Centre, when it is needed, increases your chances of survival. GWAAC enable this longer journey to be carried out more safely as we provide hospital level stabilisation prior to and continuing during the transfer. If your condition requires time-dependent emergency specialist surgery in the MTC, we can get you to that sooner and in a better condition, optimising your chances.

Whether you live next door to Southmead Hospital or far away from anywhere, if you suffer a major trauma GWAAC could be a crucial part of increasing your chances of survival and recovering without permanent disability.
Sallyanne – GWAAC visit

Sallyanne's Story

"Greg, held my hand the whole time and never left my side throughout the whole procedure, the reassurance he gave me was wonderful. I knew I was in safe hands"