GWAAC Symposium 2022 - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

GWAAC Symposium 2022

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity Symposium 2022


Thank you to everyone who attended this years GWAAC Symposium, we hope you enjoyed hearing from our wonderful PHEM speakers, chatting to our sponsors and learning more about the work of the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity.

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Special thank you to our guest speakers:

Professor Jonathan Benger CBE, Consultant in Emergency and Pre-Hospital Care

Mr Christian Cooper, National Ambulance Expert for Manchester Inquiry

Dr Scott Grier, Lead Consultant

Ms Vicki Brown, Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Critical Care

Mr Mark Faulkner, Consultant Paramedic, London Ambulance Service

Mr Pete Reeve; Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care, GWAAC

Dr Tracy-Louise Appleyard; Consultant in Obstetrics and  Gynaecology

Dr Julian Thompson; Consultant in Intensive Care and Pre-Hospital Care

Dr Paddy Morgan, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pre-Hospital Care

Dr Phil Cowburn MBE, Consultant in Emergency Medicine


And our sponsors who, through their support, made this event possible:

And to all of the staff and volunteers who worked hard to organise this event and make it a success on the day, thank you!

The GWAAC Symposium Team