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Dairy farmer dons a funky new look to raise money for GWAAC
June 25, 2020
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Community Blog: Thank You
July 3, 2020

Community Blog: When you want something done, Do It Yourself

Whilst this adage might not work if you’re suffering from the sorts of things our Critical Care Doctors and Specialist Paramedics attend, it’s certainly useful when applied to fundraising! Every Funky Farmer, every Pogo-Owen, all the afternoon teas, open gardens, wine and cheese nights…they’ve all gone their own way and taken fundraising into their own hands and by doing so they’re ensuring our crew can continue to bring their specialist skills to our shared community. It’s this amazing symbiotic relationship between community and cause that warms the cockles, mine anyway, and has been a consistent theme we’ve tried to thread through these community blogs: help GWAAC and GWAAC can help you. For when time matters, thanks to the skill and equipment on board our helicopter, we can bring a hospital emergency department to you, your loved one, your friend…

But you know all this. You’ve been glued to your laptop eagerly awaiting the next soon-to-be-viral instalment of the GWAAC community blog series. Endlessly scrolling through our social feeds hoping for that familiar jolt of excitement…when…it appears…
Well, here it is! And it’s a doozy. We’re using it to promote our freshly baked fundraising pack! From bake-offs to gaming, it’s jam-packed with ideas and resources aimed at giving you all the tools you need to make your fundraiser a success.
So have a read and more importantly have a go! Fundraising is not so hard when you do something you’re good at or have a passion for! But in times of social-distancing, where your traditional fundraisers aren’t appropriate, we’ve gone into more detail about how to run a successful virtual event and how to collect donations online, which is not only safer but easier to collect (no more haranguing Auntie Carol for that £10 she sponsored you last July…).
Thank you. You and people like you are the reason our region has one of the best critical care services in the country.
Our region is indebted to you all.
Joe, Ian and Vicky