Announcing Air Ambulance Week 2021 - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
Almondsbury Airbase Chocolate and Almond Cake
August 13, 2021
Critical care team teach lifesaving CPR skills to Bristol Bears Premiership Rugby Squad
September 7, 2021

Announcing Air Ambulance Week 2021

Monday 6th – Sunday 12th September – Air Ambulance Week 2021

This is the week dedicated to Air Ambulances, when all 21 Air Ambulance charities get together to celebrate the lifesaving work we do. And the excellent fundraising work you do, that makes our work possible.

Across the UK air ambulances make on average 80 lifesaving missions every day (with over five of those being carried out by GWAAC). With no regular government funding, we’re all reliant on you to continue our good work.

To celebrate that work and to continue raising funds, together with Air Ambulances UK (@AAUK), and the help of Rotary Club Great Britain and Ireland, we’re partnering with Raffolux to put on a prize draw to win a luxury Audi Q3. Tickets will be available at with a live draw on Tuesday 14th September.

Jasmine’s Journey

The money you raise goes to help people like Jasmine and her family. GWAAC’s Critical Care Team were sent to Gloucestershire on 31st October 2019 to assist four year old Jasmine who had stopped breathing.

“For us life could have been over on Halloween. In the most awful, devastating situation you got to us and you took control. You saved Jasmine and gave her the opportunity to fight on … and to live”
– Niky, Jasmine’s mum

Read Jasmine’s story here.

To keep track of Air ambulance week news, follow the hashtags:
#EverySecondCounts #EveryPennyMatters #AAW2021
and social accounts: @GWAAC and @airambulancesuk

Choice updates from Air Ambulance Week 2020: