Saving Lives This Christmas - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
Logan and SPCC Fleur
Logan’s Story
November 23, 2021
2021 Air Ambulances Awards
Proud to be shortlisted in the 2021 Awards of Excellence
December 1, 2021
Logan and SPCC Fleur
Logan’s Story
November 23, 2021
2021 Air Ambulances Awards
Proud to be shortlisted in the 2021 Awards of Excellence
December 1, 2021

Saving Lives This Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for our crews, who have to contend with one of the busiest months of the year, bad weather, and the prospect of no turkey with their families. While we unfortunately can’t lessen their workload, or give them all the day off, we can help to make the weather a bit more bearable.

Picture the scene. It’s midnight, you’re just about to start your 4th consecutive 12 hour shift. Your crew has already responded to 30 emergency call outs this week and you’re tired. You’ve just got in from a job in the freezing cold and you hurry to the kitchen to cook some dinner. Just as the timer pings on the oven the dispatch radio goes off. You and your colleague make your way to the icy garage to get into the Critical Care Car. You’ll have to eat your dinner cold when you get back. There’s someone out there in the darkness who needs you…

In the winter of 2019/20 our crew were called out 437 times. 437 times they took on the cold, the dark, the wet to care for the critically ill and injured people of our area. This Christmas we want to make sure they have the best possible equipment to carry out their work.

Meet Logan

Logan Weaver is a normal schoolboy, like anyone’s nephew, or grandson. But last December he suffered an unexpected life-threatening medical emergency which left him needing assistance from the local air ambulance crew.

This year Logan has a Christmas Wish. It’s not for a new bike, or the latest replica football kit. It’s for new protective kit for the crew that cared for him when he needed it most.

Logan's Christmas Wish List

Big boots

I don’t mind getting my feet wet, but I hate having cold, damp socks until I get home! If the crew are out in the freezing cold somewhere, trying to treat someone, they probably want their feet to stay warm and dry!

Waterproof jacket

It’s horrible being wet and cold when you’re miles from home. That’s why I put waterproof jackets on my list. Maybe we’ll be able to buy enough to have some spare ones.

Helicopter fuel

The crew have no idea where they might need to fly to next. So, they always need a full tank of fuel. You don’t want them to run out!

Meet Andy

Andy is one of our Critical Care Doctors who treated Logan. Along with the other first responders it’s down to his training and quick actions that Logan received the best possible outcome from his emergency.
Protective helmets, waterproof jackets, warm boots… These are the pieces of vital equipment that help us do our jobs. Whether that’s caring for a cardiac arrest patient in their home, or attending a road accident in the middle of nowhere, just knowing we have enough of what we need lets us focus on saving lives.

Critical Care Doctor Andy Lockyer


The Kit


These Gentex Alpha 900 flight helmets protect our crew's ears and eyes as well as their heads. Keeping them safe so they can serve your community.


Our carbon capped flight boots keep our crew protected from the cold, wet and rugged terrain. It's coming to be the time of year when they're really appreciated.


Our crew's uniforms don't just look smart. They protect them from the environment , cold and wet, keeping them safe so they can provide critical care for us when we need it.

As a charity we rely on support from people like you to continue delivering lifesaving care - to whoever needs it, whenever and wherever. Today, we need your help to make Logan's Christmas Wish come true. A donation from you will help buy the coats, boots and other essential items our crew need so they can take on the cold, dark and wet again this winter.


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