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Our Impact in 2023

March 8, 2024
Fem in PHEM interview with SPCC Fleur
International Women’s Day Interview SPCC Fleur
March 8, 2024
Our Impact in 2023 (part 2)
March 13, 2024
Fem in PHEM interview with SPCC Fleur
International Women’s Day Interview SPCC Fleur
March 8, 2024
Our Impact in 2023 (part 2)
March 13, 2024


As we looked towards 2023, we made a promise that we would strive to be there for everyone who needs us. We hope as you read on that you’ll see us delivering on that promise.

We achieved growth in many areas. We opened more shops, trained a record number of people in CPR and placed more defibrillators across our region. Our crew shared their knowledge with others and pushed boundaries in pre-hospital emergency medicine. Our dedicated volunteers gave much time and energy, helping to bring in record donations.

In June we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our first-ever flight, which came shortly after our joint busiest week on record, in May. Patient numbers increased and 2023 became our second busiest year; we were called to 1,979 people including more children than ever before.

Everything we achieved was only possible thanks to your unwavering support and that of the communities we serve.

We humbly ask that you remain by our side, supporting us, so we can be there for the patients of tomorrow. Let’s continue saving lives together.

2023 mission stats


Motorcycle incidents

up from 69


Bicycle incidents

up from 47


Equestrian incidents

up from 20


Agricultural incidents

up from 7

Great Western Hearts

We continued to strengthen the chain of survival

Our crew brought early advanced life support to over 500 people suffering a cardiac arrest in 2023. For those who receive CPR and defibrillation while we are on our way, the chance of survival is hugely increased. We gave our communities the knowledge and resource needed to help in cases like this.


Cardiac arrests accounted for 25% of our call-outs in 2023

“I liked being able to practise doing CPR on the dummy; it helps you to save someone’s life. I liked that one of the paramedics could communicate with us in British Sign Language.”

Student, Elmfield School for Deaf Children


Our Heartstarters volunteers taught 


people CPR & defibrillator use

Up from 6,469 in 2022 



students, across 104 secondary schools

Up from 5,580 in 2022

as well as:


people in community groups

They also taught:


students first aid for knife injuries

Up from 1,005 in 2022

Defibrillator Project

Our Defibrillator project raised £105,875 and helped communities install 52 new defibs.

We ended the year with 69 public access defibrillators in place across our region and empowered our communities with the knowledge and confidence to use them.

We started work with a new supporter group, Donate for Defib Weston-super- Mare Project. They raised nearly £15,000, installed seven defibs and inspired 16 groups, businesses and organisations to raise money to fund a community defib.


Community defibrillators installed

We opened three new shops

Our shops not only raise vital funds for our lifesaving service, but they also act as comunity hubs where we can engage our supporters. 

Our presence on the high street gives us an opportunity to talk to our communities face to face, they give people the chance to recycle unwanted clothes and goods, they allow people the chance to take on enjoyable volunteering and of course they allow locals the chance to pick up a sustainable bargain or two!


In August we joined Charity Super.Mkt

The UK's first ever multi-charity shop

With the help of our amazing volunteers and thanks to all the generous donations, our residence at CharitySuper.Mkt raised over £20,000; enough to fund ten lifesaving missions.

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers

hours donated by 240 volunteers

(Up from 8300 in 2022)
people were taught CPR, defibrillation
and emergency first aid

by 68 Heartstarters volunteers
(Up from 923 in 2022)
volunteers worked across our seven shops

collection tins

Emptied by five volunteers bringing in £24,950
Informative talks

Delivered by 10 volunteers

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