Jane's Story - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
John’s Story
September 26, 2023
John’s Story
September 26, 2023

Jane’s Story

When Jane was updating her will, she chose to include a gift to Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC). A steadfast advocate for many years, Jane’s wish is that her gift will help GWAAC save local lives for many years to come.  

“It was really through my husband that I first became involved with GWAAC. He selected it as one of the charities for the annual gymkhana he hosted, and it’s been the same ever since! It became a really important charity to him, and to me, and when he passed away I had no doubt that he would want me to continue supporting it in any way I could.  

I live not too far from the airbase, so I see the helicopter flying overhead quite regularly. There’s a feeling of pride, knowing that we have this extraordinary service right here in our local area. I’ve had the fortune of visiting the base too – both old and new. The old facilities gave me quite a shock, I couldn’t imagine working there! But the building they’re in now is comfortable and well-equipped, which they absolutely deserve – and they wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for public donations. They are such a wonderful and positive group of people, who give so much of themselves to help others, I think it’s only fair that we care for them too.

Leaving the charity a gift in my will was a very natural decision. We still support GWAAC through the gymkhana, and I give donations whenever I can, but I’ve always said I would like to be able to do more – now, perhaps, one day I can do just that.

My family know how important this is to me, and they’re pleased with my choice – they share my own sense of dismay that the air ambulance doesn’t receive any government support, and I think we’re all comforted to know that GWAAC is there. My grandchildren in particular are absolutely fascinated by what the crew are capable of! It’s wonderful for me to watch them learning about the charity, knowing that part of my legacy will be passing my own enthusiasm on to them.

My wish for GWAAC in the future is simple really – just for it to continue, and to go from strength to strength. And that can’t happen without people’s support, so I would love to think that more and more people will learn about the amazing things the charity is doing, and will help in any way they can. If a gift in my will can help make sure that wish comes true, then I’m proud to be part of that future.

I think it’s important for GWAAC to see just how much their local community appreciate them. What the charity does is truly incredible, and we mustn’t ever take it for granted, because none of us know when we might need it. It’s precious.”

There are many reasons people choose to leave a gift in their will – for Jane, it’s a longing to know the charity she is so proud of will be there for future generations. Whatever the reason, every gift we receive helps to protect our lifesaving service for the future, so that we can continue making a difference for local people.