GWAAC is the air ambulance for North Somerset

North Somerset hugs the 24 mile coastline from Portishead down to Weston-super-Mare and dives along the tops of the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty over to beautiful Blagdon Lake and the stunning Magnas. 

Alongside a growing arts and cultural scene in Weston and a number of charming towns, there are endless countryside and coastal walks and outdoor activities across the district.

We were called out 262 times to North Somerset in 2023; more than five times a week on average to help someone in urgent need.

You can find us at some of the biggest and best events in the region, including Weston Air Festival, Dig for Victory and Mud Master.

2023 North Somerset missions in numbers:


Medical emergencies


Trauma incidents

We were called out to North Somerset 262 times in 2023. That's up from 211 times in 2022.

Meet Philippa - Supporter Engagement Coordinator for North Somerset

Philippa's Q&A

North Somerset Hotspot
There are some beautiful walks in this part of GWAAC’s region. I especially like finding the best spots in North Somerset for snowdrops and bluebells early in the year.
Tell us about your supporters
The tenacity and creativity of our supporters never fails to impress me. The last couple of years have been challenging for fundraising but the unwavering support of our community continues to inspire! I have been charmed by the variety of active groups and clubs right at the heart of North and North East Somerset communities, full of passionate people keen to find ways to help GWAAC keep flying.
Favourite fundraiser
A couple from North Somerset who built a scale papier-mache model of our helicopter as part of their local Christmas lights display!
What Surprised You Most About GWAAC
That we always have a doctor on board. Most people associate the word ambulance with paramedics, but the high level of skill and specialist equipment our critical care crew have on board is often what makes the difference for our patients.
Favourite Thing About Working for GWAAC
I have become an avid helicopter spotter. Whenever I hear one overhead, I have to stop and see whose it is. Seeing our green Helimed 65 flying above me to someone in need fills me with pride knowing our supporters and charity crew have helped make that mission possible.
Favourite food
Almost anything. I love eating! Possibly most happy gobbling sushi.
Top TV recommendation
This is England is still one of the best things I’ve seen on TV.

Dick's Story

When retired policeman Dick Berry, left his doctor’s surgery on the morning of 2 February 2013, things took an unexpected turn for the worse when he crashed his van not more than fifty yards away. Dick’s survival was down to teamwork and unbelievably good luck. As former GWAAC Critical Care Doctor, Dr Leon Roberts says, “Dick lucked out with his chain of survival. On another day, it might not have worked.”

Photographed in North Somerset

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