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Great Western Air Ambulance Charity representatives are available to give tailored talks to your group, organisation, or business on what it is we do and, crucially, why we do it.

Our Critical Care Team are less a flying ambulance and more a flying hospital Emergency Department; from giving anaesthetic, to accessing a heart, we save time in those crucial moments and save lives that would otherwise be lost as a result. During your talk, you’ll hear about the skills and equipment we carry on board our EC-135 helicopter and critical care cars, which enable our crew to deliver this incredible standard of medical care at the roadside.

You’ll also hear from people who have had need of our service and their incredible stories. People like Logan, who suffered a bleed on the brain in December 2020. As you can see from the photo, Logan is still here – living his life in the way he wants to thanks to our lifesaving charity.


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