“We will be forever grateful.” - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
Ear infection turned into something more serious.
July 29, 2015
“We truly thank the team for everything they have done for us.”
October 17, 2015

“We will be forever grateful.”

Nine month old babies are always curious about the world around them, but for little Gabriel Wood this curiosity resulted in the need for the Critical Care Team.

Gabriel was in his playpen while his mother Ailsa prepared his breakfast as normal. She placed a cup of coffee on a table, but in the split second she turned round he had stood up, scalding drink all over himself.

In a panic Ailsa stripped him and wrapped him in a wet towel. However when his head started to blister she realised it was more serious, and called 999. Gabriel was very distressed and in a lot of pain, so the Critical Care Team attended and administered some stronger painkillers.

The youngster and his parents were then taken to the Bristol Children’s Hospital by road ambulance, accompanied by our doctor. When he arrived at hospital doctors found he had 1% burns, which resulted in a blister on his forehead. Due to the quick reactions of the Critical Care Team he was allowed home just a few hours later. The blister is now healing well, and Gabriel is back to his normal cheeky self.

The family visited our base in Filton to meet the crew who attended and thank them for their help. Gabriel was very interested in the helicopter! Ailsa said:

“Gabriel screamed the most distressing, piercing scream I have ever heard. We were all very distressed and in a panic. The doctor arrived and administered some pain relieving drugs which almost immediately calmed our baby. We will be forever grateful that this accident resulted in only a superficial injury and we will forever be thankful for the expert care and attention we all received from your crew.”

Gabriel 1

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