What happens to your donated clothing

Asset 1

Step 1

Once the clothing bins are full, they are emptied by the collection team.
Asset 2

Step 2

The clothing is returned to the local hub and baled into larger hessian sacks.
Asset 3

Step 3

The clothing is sold to trading partners, both in the UK and abroad to be sorted.
Asset 4

Step 4

Once the clothing is sold, GWAAC receive funds, but the story doesn't end here...
Asset 5

Step 5

The trading partner will transport the clothing to the factory to be sorted.
Asset 6

Step 6

Clothing is separated by item and then graded from the best quality to items which need to be recycled.
Asset 7

Step 7

All items which are able to be resold are sent onwards to second hand shops or markets within Europe, Africa or India.
Asset 8

Step 8

Any items which cannot be reworn are shredded and recycled into wiper rags, mattress stuffing or even pellets for punch bags.