Meet Dr Nicky Moore - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
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November 29, 2022
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December 9, 2022

Meet Dr Nicky Moore

Dr Nicky Moore is Great Western Air Ambulance Charity’s (GWAAC) newest Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) trainee. He currently works as a registrar in emergency medicine at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and is reaching the end of his training to become a consultant. He is combining his final year of in-hospital training with time at GWAAC. At the end of his time with GWAAC, Dr Nicky will be a consultant in emergency medicine and a qualified Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) Critical Care Doctor.

Dr Nicky believes very strongly in doing everything he can for a patient. It’s this belief that has steered him towards pre-hospital medicine. He said: “Sometimes you can see a patient a little bit too late in hospital; working with GWAAC is an opportunity to really make a difference and it’s a privilege.” He also sees the value in what an air ambulance can bring to a patient’s family, even when there isn’t a positive outcome: “I think it’s equally as important to support families with the end-of-life of a loved one.

Dr Nicky has been with GWAAC since August 2022. When asked if he’s a good flyer, he responded proudly with: “Well, I haven’t been sick yet!

He admitted that it was hard at first to come into GWAAC and take on an observational role when he is used to managing a whole emergency department at night. But there was a quick evolution from watching and observing to being hands-on. He said: “The time that I have here with the GWAAC crew is a fantastic opportunity. It’s also intense: from 07:00 to 19:00 it’s non-stop learning and concentrating. It’s mentally exhausting.

According to Dr Nicky, the best bit about working with GWAAC is, “seeing a point when I will be a skilled member of a great team giving patients the absolute best care. This is a rare opportunity as a doctor and to be part of this system is fantastic.

And for anyone looking to be part of the GWAAC team, Dr Nicky advised: “The most important thing you can do is look after your patients as best you can, and you’ll find your way into this. Aim to be as good as you can at your job...

 A HEMS Critical Care Doctor is a layer on top, so don’t get too focused on this.

So, what inspires this medical professional? Apart from his drive to give patients the best possible outcome, the answer lies with other medical professionals. Dr Nicky attended the annual GWAAC Symposium in September and came away feeling motivated. What came across in the sessions, was the speakers’ passion for seeking better ways of doing things in their relevant fields of professionalism. Dr Nicky said: “The openness in the medical profession to try something new and be creative is great. It’s nice to see people pushing the boundaries in healthcare.

Regarding future plans, Dr Nicky says simply, “I take each day as it comes. I’ve got a brilliant job that I love and I’m on a pathway to do another job (at GWAAC, hopefully) that I love. My only ambition is to balance it with my family.

Dr Nicky’s biggest achievement to date is, “getting to where I am today… and building a bike out of bamboo and cycling to Singapore.” Surely that’s another story!

When he’s not hard at work, Dr Nicky likes to wind down by playing football and getting out and about in “grotty” weather. He said: “I like getting out in a muddy field in rubbish weather and I love the seaside in bad weather when no one is there (he is Scottish after all!). And coffee!

His greatest love though is his family, and when asked about his most hated things in life, he said: “I Just don’t really hate anything.” It may come as no surprise therefore to learn that the word he used to describe himself is, “content.”

GWAAC is lucky to have such a level-headed and committed professional join our team. It’s great to have you on board Dr Nicky!