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January 23, 2019
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January 23, 2019

Experienced horse rider Mary Edmunds had been on many rides and was a confident rider, she never expected for a ride with friends to leave her in need of help from our Critical Care Team.

Returning from their ride along Chelvey Batch, North Somerset, Mary’s horse managed to trip, falling on top of her. Mary was knocked unconscious and her friends feared the worst.

GWAAC were called and the team arrived within minutes. Luckily, Mary had regained consciousness but was confused and severely disorientated.

Our specialist crew of paramedics and doctors were able to administer strong painkillers at the scene, that wouldn’t be available in a land ambulance, in order to fly Mary to Frenchay Hospital.

Amazingly, Mary came away with no broken bones, but she had suffered serious concussion and took several weeks to fully recover.

Mary said: “I do not remember hitting the ground, or much else. I was just so thankful that my two friends called 999.

“The air ambulance crew were very kind to me. I am so grateful to them for looking after me.”

Years later, and Mary is still riding with her friends, thanks to the help of everyone involved. As a thank you to the GWAAC crew, Mary took part in a 56 mile cycle-ride, raising money to keep the life-saving service running.