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December 9, 2016
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January 23, 2017

GWAAC get ready for Christmas

Christmas is a time for cheer, and spending time with the ones you love. But as you sit down to celebrate with a turkey feast and a glass or two of wine, spare a though for those flying medics, who are on call if the worst should happen.

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity is available 365 days a year, with our dedicated crew there for anyone who finds themselves in the unthinkable position of needing help.

Whether you are suffering from a cardiac arrest or needing advanced trauma care at the roadside, the GWAAC critical care team can be anywhere in the region with in just 20 minutes, giving people a stronger chance of survival.

That amazing response remains the same this Christmas period with Air Operations Office/Critical Care Paramedic John Wood, Critical Care Paramedic Vicki Brown and Critical Care Doctor Cosmo Scurr, on standby from 7am on Christmas day. The team will be ready to respond to emergencies across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and parts of Wiltshire.

Their commitment means their festivities will have to be postponed, but they know how vital it is to be there for people if the worst should happen. On Christmas Day 2015 the crew attended 11 incidents across Bristol, North Somerset, and Gloucestershire. Air Operations Officer/CCP John Wood said:

“This year the Critical Care Team will be spending Christmas Day at the base in Filton. Severe injury and illnesses happen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is reassuring for people to know that if they need us we will be there. We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.”