Former patient marks anniversary of day GWAAC saved his life by giving £1,000 - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
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Time to Talk
February 6, 2020
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Former patient marks anniversary of day GWAAC saved his life by giving £1,000

Robin and his daughter, Yaz, with Specialist Paramedics, James and Dee

Former patient, Robin Jaques, was involved in a high speed cycling accident in the Forest of Dean on Valentine’s Day 2019. Breaking four of his ribs on impact, suffering a punctured lung and a burst femoral artery – Robin was losing a lot of blood and was in a critical state.

Our Critical Care Team arrived on scene, with two Specialist Paramedics in Critical Care and a Critical Care Doctor, who were able to provide emergency interventions on scene to stabilise Robin’s condition, before airlifting him to Southmead Hospital’s major trauma centre where he underwent emergency surgery. In May 2019, Robin was able to come and visit GWAAC’s base with his wife, Sarah, to thank the crew who attended to him.

This Valentine’s Day painted a very different picture, with Robin and his 12-year-old daughter, Yaz, visiting GWAAC’s base to mark the anniversary of his traumatic incident – presenting the life-changing charity with a cheque for £1,000.

Robin said: “GWAAC are an inspirational crew, fantastic front line care and backroom support, I’m lucky to have had their care and supporting them this year has been really uplifting for me and my family.”

Ever since his accident, Robin has been a huge champion of the charity and their critical service, speaking at public events across North Somerset to raise awareness of our charitable status.

Ian Cantoni, Community Coordinator for Bath and North East Somerset said: “Robin has been a real asset to the charity. He is a wonderful ambassador for our cause in North Somerset and beyond. Robin’s story really is incredible and a testament to the impact our Critical Care Team has on lives across the region.”

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