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August 17, 2018
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August 29, 2018

Exciting major trauma centre news

We were pleased to welcome the news announced on Monday regarding Major Trauma Centres and their success in saving lives in the last 5 years. Independent research compiled by the Trauma Audit and Research Network showed that, since the establishment of specialised major trauma centres 5 years ago, an additional 1,656 lives have been saved and a 19% increase in survival rate. Since 2012 there have been 27 major trauma units in England, saving lives every day; North Bristol Trusts Southmead Hospital is the major trauma centre for our region.

Part of our role at GWAAC is to decide where best to take a patient at the scene of an incident. It is not about the closest hospital, but about the most suitable one given the condition of the patient. The GWAAC Critical Care team consists of a highly trained and experienced Pilot, Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care and Critical Care Doctor, attending to the most critical incidents where the patients are desperately in need of urgent care, in the same vein of patients within an A&E department, although more critical still. Given this remit, a part of that urgent care is getting the patient to where they need to be for the best care and best chance of survival. Major trauma centres are within that scope.

Dr Ed Valentine, GWAAC’s Lead Doctor, commented: “The number of lives saved thanks to the major trauma centres is staggering, and we are so pleased to hear it. This is the outcome that we all strive for in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine, and getting the correct facility for each case is, as demonstrated by these statistics, vital. From emergency blood transfusions to roadside amputations or treating cardiac arrests, our crew specialise in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and Trauma Medicine – this is a strong and positive development in the field.”