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August 3, 2020
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August 7, 2020

Community Blog: Virtual Talks

This week’s guest blogger is another of our amazing GWAAC volunteer’s Andrew Harper. Andrew has been getting involved for just over and year and can be found volunteering with us at talks, events, and a variety of other activities to raise funds and let our communities know more about what our crew do.

The last few months have been challenging for all of us, and have given our talks volunteers a barrier to providing talks to thank community groups for their support and update them on our latest news. We have introduced virtual talks to overcome this hurdle and provide interesting meetings and discussions for groups and their members.

Andrew’s first virtual talk was for our supporters at the Nailsworth Rotary Club, here’s how it went….

“Last week I was asked to do a presentation about GWAAC via Zoom. I had often thought that Zoom would be a way of continuing to get the GWAAC story out to the many organisations that are interested in the Air Ambulance Service and so keep GWAAC in mind at this difficult time. Although I did have some reservations, the presentation was a big success and very much enjoyed by the host organisation and by myself.

In terms of the logistics, the host organisation set up the Zoom call and emailed the link to me. This way, they kept control of the Zoom and could use it to discuss any of their own matters after my presentation.

All in all, using Zoom conference calls during this difficult time when we are not allowed to meet face to face is a convenient and easy way to get the GWAAC story out to interested groups and should be encouraged.”

If you know of a group meeting virtually who may be interested in hosting a tailored talk to discover what happens ‘ behind the scenes’ at GWAAC, provide an update on our latest news or quick introduction to the work of Great Western Air Ambulance Charity or if you are a member of a group who would like to book in a virtual talk please let us know by emailing with your talk requirements or calling us on 0303 4444 999.