Breaking ground with Advanced Clinical Pracitioner in Critical Care Paramedic Vicki Brown - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity
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July 3, 2023
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Breaking ground with Advanced Clinical Pracitioner in Critical Care Paramedic Vicki Brown


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In convervsation with the Pre-Hospital Care Podcast

In this conversation we will examine the career progression of Vicki Brown, who is an Advanced Practitioner in Critical Care, and is the first person in the country to get on the Faculty of Pre Hospital Care (FPHC) Register of Consultant Practitioners by qualifying from a purely paramedic background. We will trace her career pathway and the steps that have been taken by her to achieve such a pivotal role within pre-hospital critical care.

Vicki joined the ambulance service in 2002. And has had roles in management, learning and development and working on HEMS. She became the first ACP-CC for SWAST in 2020 and the first person to register as a Consultant (Level 8) Practitioners in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine in 2021.


·      The start of Vicki's career – 2002 and what Vicki was doing previously to Paramedic Practice.

·      What Vicki learnt on the road as a Paramedic

·      What management taught her and she carried through

·      How training and education played a role in her progression

·      The adage of learning every-day

·      The educational pathway (DIMC, higher education, FIMC)

·      What working at GWAAC has taught her

·      How governance looks within the team at GWAAC.

·      What responsibilities Vicki undertakes now as an Advanced Practitioner in Critical Care.

·      How she has changed over the years through her positions.

·      Where the profession is going, the pillars of advanced practice within the UK.

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