Save Lives This Winter - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

For nearly 2,000 patients every year, our equipment can be the difference between life and death.

It’s not all glamorous, or even especially impressive to look at! But it’s the reason we can deliver lifesaving procedures to critically ill and injured patients. And this winter, we need your help to make sure we always have it with us.

With your help, we will have the equipment we need to save lives

We take the hospital emergency department to the patient 35 times every week. And this includes the kit we carry with us. Whether it’s the large CPR machine for treating an adult in cardiac arrest, or the small specialist tubes and masks needed to help a baby in need of urgent treatment, our equipment helps us save lives.

It comes with us on every mission. It gets taken into fields, over fences, into quarries, to the roadside at scenes of major accidents. It gets battered by rain, covered in mud, covered in blood.

At some point all of this equipment needs maintaining or replacing. And from the pennies needed for a cannula tube, to the thousands of pounds it costs to replace a ventilator, the costs add up.

Will you donate today and make sure we always have the equipment we need to save lives?

Your support today will help the 35 patients each week who need lifesaving care

Your support can restart a heart with a mechanical CPR machine. Around a third of our call-outs are to cardiac arrests – and in tight spaces, moving vehicles, or when dealing with multiple arrests, we rely on having this important item on board.

Your support can diagnose critical issues, fast using an ultrasound device. From punctured lungs to structural abnormalities in the heart, ultrasound gives us precision and confidence in diagnosis so we can make the right decisions about patient care.

Your support can give a premature baby vital medicine with a neonatal catheter. Inserted directly into the umbilical cord, this tiny tube means we can administer all sorts of lifesaving treatments like glucose, adrenaline or blood.

Your support can stabilise a patient in critical need of care by administering anaesthesia. We need to anaesthetise three patients a week, on average. It can be critical for ventilating, treating major injuries, or transporting patients to hospital.

Your support can warm blood for an urgent transfusion using a blood warming device. This emergency treatment can provide precious minutes for a patient, so it’s essential we can warm blood quickly at the scene of an incident.

Your support today can save lives tomorrow. Please, donate now and make sure we always have this vital equipment on board. Any donation, big or small, will make a difference.

There are so many items we need to carry every day to help people in need of lifesaving treatment, and your donation will be used wherever the need is greatest. Thank you for your support this winter. 

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity is a registered charity providing the Critical Care and air ambulance service across Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and parts of Wiltshire.

Registered Charity No: 1121300 || Company No: 6386523