Gifts In Kind and Strategic Partnerships - Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Offering gifts in kind is another great way to show us your support! Donating a product or service saves us money on running costs for the charity so that donations can be used where they are most needed. 

Strategic Partnerships also help GWAAC achieve our mission while providing varied promotional opportunities for partner businesses through press and social media coverage across GWAAC’s wide reaching channels.

Our Strategic Partnership with Mercedes


Mercedes Benz of Bristol first supported GWAAC when three of their employees completed the challenge to reach the peak of the Mount Kilimanjaro to raise much-needed funds for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity in 2017, raising over £14,500.

Mercedes went on to provide our three charity Smart cars for four years, an amazing strategic partnership which saved the charity a huge amount in car costs and staff mileage, and played a large part in raising awareness for both brands across the region. The cars were used on a daily basis and proved to be an effective way to get both Mercedes’ and the charity’s branding seen by members of the public, and by the hundreds of community groups, businesses and schools we work with across the South West. 

“GWAAC are an amazing organisation to work with. They strongly believe that we should work together as equal partners and understand they can help us build our brand as much as we can help them.”

Mike Smith, Mercedes Benz of Bristol.

Mercedes also took on various challenges at the dealership such as a ‘fill the smart car with clothes’ challenge to bring in donations for our new charity shop. Their 17 bags of donations filled the smart car to the brim!

Feeling inspired? 

Get in touch with our Corporate Partnerships Coordinator Holly who will be happy to answer any questions you may have: 


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