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How to make a gift in your Will

Writing a Will is relatively simple however it’s not if you don’t know!

If you already have a Will then you can arrange an appointment with your Solicitor or Will Writer to update your Will. There are 2 ways to do this.

  1. Writing an updated Will – This will make all previous Will’s null and void. If you are choosing this route it is best to have an idea of all of your estate and belongings and where you would like them to go to before visiting the solicitor or Will writer. A simple check list would be helpful. You can of course use your previous will as a guide.
  2. Use a codicil – This is a form that enables you to amend your existing will. To add, remove or change anything in your will. These again should be checked by your solicitor. Codicils are a great tool but can cause confusion if not very clearly written. Most solicitors would suggest writing a new will over using a Codicil for this reason so not to cause further upset for a loved after your death.

If you don’t have a Will you should contact a solicitor or a Will Writer, arrange an appointment to meet with them and then they can guide you through the process. It isn’t as painful as you may think, don’t be scared!

Again going to this appointment with a simple check list of your estate would be helpful.

If you haven’t got a solicitor or Will writing service that you trust you can look at search for one on the law society website:

Or the Good Will Partnership website can help:


Who can make a gift in a Will:

Anyone can make a gift in a will no matter of the size of the gift. Gifts in Will are commonly talked about as a legacy and this can sound like you have to have a large estate, this is not the case any gift in a Will is greatly received and appreciated. It is about leaving YOUR legacy and the difference your gift will make to our communities future generations.

Nick has pledged to leave a gifts in a will to GWAAC, read his story:

"I first got involved with the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) a few years ago when my employer selected them as their annual charity partner.

Visiting their operational base and having the opportunity to chat with the Critical Care Paramedics, pilots and fundraising team inspired me to take an active role in raising funds for the charity.

After raising several thousand pounds for GWAAC during the annual partnership I had built such a close bond that I did not want to take a step back from supporting them and have continued to support them via a number of methods including fundraising at work, volunteering at events such as the Emergency Services Show and the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta as well as participating in their weekly lottery.

Earlier this year I needed to update my will and I took the opportunity to give the GWAAC my ongoing support by leaving them a legacy.  Leaving a legacy to GWAAC was easy to do and my solicitor made the process so simple.

After updating my will I let the GWAAC know that I had left them a legacy and they were immensely grateful.  The trust and respect I have for GWAAC means that I know the money will be used to not only help cover their day to day running costs but also enhance the service that they provide.

I'm proud to be leaving a legacy to GWAAC and would encourage others to do the same so that the charity can continue its lifesaving work."


If you would like any further assistance or to talk through the possibility of making  a gift in your Will for GWAAC please do not hesitate to contact
Valerie Harland our Gifts In Wills Coordinator. She is on hand to help and would love to hear from you.


 Tel: 0303 4444 999