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Trauma Day 2021
October 19, 2021
GWAAC christmas mission
Christmas Mission
November 23, 2021

You made a big difference this Christmas

Our crew of Critical Care Doctors and Specialist Paramedics do more than get to a patient fast. When somebody is so critically injured that they don’t have time to get to hospital for lifesaving surgery, our crew can perform it on scene. They usually have less than one minute to carry out an operation. It’s intense, it’s critical, and it saves lives.

“At that moment when it was most critical that I got it right, I could fall back on my training. From there, it became easy.”

“When we don’t have the time to get our patient to hospital for the emergency surgery that could save their life, we have to do it there at the roadside. I need to know how to perform surgery that I would usually only do in an operating theatre. And I have to have the confidence in my ability to make a difference to the person - who at that moment, has put all their faith in me.”

Critical Care Doctor Tim Godfrey knows first-hand the difference surgical skills training can make. He performed a surgical airway on a patient in urgent need during COVID -19.

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How your support helped

To ensure our crew retain these lifesaving skills, it’s essential that they practice regularly. That’s where gifts through the Big Give Challenge helped. By helping to raise over £16,000 your support means our crew members continue to maintain their high level of expertise through essential training courses.

Thank you.

How it worked

The first £7,500 of donations made through the Big Give Christmas Challenge were doubled. Every donation made beyond that continued to go towards essential training courses for our crew such as the Newborn Life Support course.

Thank you.

Meet some of the Critical Care Team your donation helps

All 30 members of our crew will benefit from ongoing lifesaving training. Here’s some of the heroes your funding could help. They’ve told us some interesting, weird and wonderful facts about themselves: